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DT Fixed Belt Conveyor

 DT II series feature in high transfer capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance and standardized components. It is widely used in Mining, metallurgical and coal industry to transfer granula material and packaged stuff. One single belt conveyor or multiple belt conveyors could be assembled fiexibly with other transfer equipments to form a complete horizontal or acclivitous transfer system to meet diversity work tasks.

     DTII belt conveyors operate under the condition with temperature range from-20 Celsius Degree to +40 Celsius Degree. The temperature of transferred material should be no higher than +50 Celsius Degree.


Ø  Categorized by driving form     

      1.Type I Mechanical Driving Series  driven by cyclical pin-wheel reduce (including outdoor electric motor) and chain-driving structure.

      2.Type II Mechanical Driving Series  driven by Side-hung reducer and belt-driving structure

3.Electric Rotor Driving Series. Directly driven by electric rotors

Ø  Categorized by Installation Requirements

1. Fixed Series

2. Mobile Series

      Equipped with tires and idler angle adjustment facilities so as to meet with diversified requirements according to loading tasks.

Ø  Categorized by Structure

       The belt conveyers have three different structures:

        1. U-Steel Structure

2. Frame Structure

3. Truss Structure


   Please be noted that it is optional for clients to order belt conveyors with or without repairing walk-ways.

Ø  1.The capacity is tested under following conditions:

       Condition 1: the density of the transferred material is 1.0T/M3

       Condition 2: The degree of conveyor idler is 18

       Condition 3: The stacking degree of granula is 30

Ø  2.  The density of transferred material should be less than 2.5T/M3

Ø  3.  The standard length of belt conveyor is 10m, 15m, 20, and 25m, however, it could be adjusted according to special requirements.