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Crushing equipment market in 2012
Date:3/28/2012  Author:mingshan  From:mingshan
   The market for crushing equipment will be changed greatly in 2012. The huge demand of crushing equipment from cement production line will turn to the demand for complete sets of stone and sand crushing and screening production line. At the same, the new market for crushing equipment is occurring,which is construction waste market. Mobile crushing equipment and other special crushing equipment will also be popular. It is a good opportunity for crushing equipment industry to adjust their strategy and structure to cater for the changed market.

The data shows that the bleak situation still not be changed greatly in later 2011. And currently, some cement factories stop adopting new crushing equipment and cement production line. Cement industry has occurred a new situation of overcapacity and crushing equipment requirement saturated, especially for hammer crusher. Crushing equipment factories will face closing down or stopping production. However the demand of weary parts for cement industry are not decrease. It presents distinct prosperity compared the demand of crushing equipment. We did some surveys for the this situation. Though cement industry do not develop new cement production line recently, original cement production line is not closed down yet. And weary parts belong to fast consumable product and has its certain periodic. So weary parts manufacturer show a prosperous situation.


Mingshan is a leading crushing equipment manufacturer located in Shanghai with good reputation. Our company’s crushing equipment features high reduction ration, novel design, high crushing efficiency and lower power consumption,etc . Based on the current situation , we will improve our strategy and structure. We will focus on crushing equipment research and development. We will do our best to supply the highest quality crushing equipment with best service day by day.