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Working Principle and Structure Features for Vibrating Screen
Date:3/28/2012  Author:mingshan  From:mingshan
   Working principle for vibrating screen

The Circular Vibration Screen is forced vibration screening equipment with movable parts like screen box and vibration exciter as the mass (M), the metal spiral spring as the elastic component (C), and the exciter as the exciting force. The generator produces great centrifugal force through the exciter driven by the belt pulley and the high-speed circulation of the eccentric shaft and press. This forces the continuous circular movement on the part of the screen box, with which the materials are thrown up and down on the askew screen. The particles are screened when they fall down to different layers, which complete the classification process.

Structure features for vibrating screen

The motor of this type can be installed on the both side, right or left. For your convenience, please tell us in advance which side you prefer when you make your order. The product is composed of screen box, supporting device, exciter, generator and other main parts.The main component of the screen box is the surface. Its metal net is made by the quality wire and the size of the sieves controls the classification process.The screen box, the major part of the product, mostly uses the strong bolts to prevent breaking during the high-speed movement.The exciter provides the force needed by the screen. This product relies on the eccentric shaft and adjusts its exciting force and the amplitude by changing the weight of the eccentric block. The shaft is greased and labyrinth sealed.

 Mingshan vibrating screen feature of high screening efficiency and particle gradation, strong exciting force, large processing capacity, with water spraying system if required.