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Application Instruction of Impact Crusher
Date:3/28/2012  Author:mingshan  From:mingshan
   I. Preparation before impact crusher starting

I. Examine whether there is appropriate grease in the bearing.

Ii. Examine whether the joints are locked and add appropriate grease.

iii.Examine whether all the fasteners are firm or not.

iv.Examine whether there are hard trashes in the crusher.

v. Examine whether the backlash between the impact back plane and the rotator hammer is appropriate.

vi. Twisting the rotator and examine whether it is in good condition. There should be no damages on the hammer plate or the other parts.


II.The starting of the impact crusher

The impact crusher could only be started after confirming every part is in good condition.

If there is abnormality after the starting, the machine should be stopped at once. It could be started after all the problems are solved.