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Principle of Operating Jaw Crusher
Date:3/29/2012  Author:Shanghai Mingshan Luqiao Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd  From:

Principle of Operating Jaw Crusher:  
1. Operating preparation
(1) Check lubricating of main bearing and check whether toggle plate and movable jaw plate plate can work well.
(2) Check whether all fixed parts are well fixed.
(3) Check whether the weight center of flying wheel and genea wheel is approporiate. The weight center should be in line with eccentric shaft through the central hole of main bearing.

(4) Check whether the belt is well installed and replaced on time if it is worn. Clear the belt wheel and genea wheel with clean cloth if it is oil stained.
(5) Correct the protecting devices if they are not in good condition.
(6) Check whether there are any materials in the crushing chamber and clear it.
(7) Check whether the gasket installed correctly or pressed tightly.
2. Jaw Crusher starting
(1) Make sure the jaw crusher can work in good condition before starting.
(2) Jaw crusher can only start in no -loading condition.
(3) Stop the jaw crusher immediately if any malfunction occurred and repair it.
3. Jaw crusher operating
(1) Make sure the jaw crusher is in good condition and start feeding.
(2) Feeding the material evenly and avoid over feeding.
(3) Stop feeding before stoping the crusher. Stop the crusher after all materials are discharged.
(4) Stop the crusher if any malfunction occurred.
(5) Reverse jaw plate end for end if one end is mostly worn.
(6) Check all fixed parts before startingand tighten the parts if it is loosen.